Meaning of Narayan Kavach

The Narayan Kavach appears in the sixth ‘skandh’ of the eighth ‘adhyaaya’ verses 36-46 in the Shrimad Bhaagvad.  The Narayan Kavach was taught by Vishvaroopa to Lord Indra.Narayan Kavach literally means the armor of Lord Narayan.

Visualize yourself and/or your loved ones, totally protected. You could see an impenetrable ring of white Light around them

  1. May the Lord Hari protect you from all sides.

  2. Shree Hari has placed His ‘Charan Kamal’ (Lotus feet)On the back of Shree Garuda (The vehicle of Lord Vishnu). All the 8 ‘Siddhis’ (Miraculous Powers) serve Him..On His 8 hands, He Holds 8 weapons.(Shankh, Chakra, Dhaal, Talvaar, Gada, Baan, Dhanush and Paash)

  3. May the Lord protect me in the water as Matsya-Murtir (The Fish Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) from all the Water Creatures.May the Lord protect me from the Fury of Typhoons.On the Earth, may the Lord Vaaman (Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) protect me.Lord Trivikrama should protect me in the sky.

  4. May Lord Narasimha (The half-Man and Half-Lion Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) by whose Mighty roar, all the four directions shook, and pregnant demonesses lost their children in their wombs, protect me in forts, jungles, battlefields and dangerous places.

  5. May Varaaha (The Boar Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) who saved the earth with the help of His tusk, and who symbolises ‘Yagna’ (Sacrifice, effort) protect me when I am going my way.May Parshurama (The Incarnation of Lord Vishnu who cleansed the earth of power hungry corrupt warriors), protect me on mountain-peaks.May Sri Laxman, together with Sri Bharat’s elder brother Shri Ram, protect me whenever I travel.

  6. May the Lord Narayan protect me from wrong thoughts, deeds (whenever I may act against ‘Dharma’, my duties).  May the ‘Rishi Shreshta’ protect me from (the disease of ) the Human ego.Lord Dattatreya! Please protect me from the obstacles that one generally encounters when one goes to pray, or for Spiritual gatherings.May the Lord Kapil protect me from the bondage of karmas.

  7. May Sanat Kumara protect me from the God of Passion. May HayaSheersha, protect me from the offense of not paying obeisance to the Dev Murtis (Temples) that one encounters on the way.May the Dev-Rishi Naarad protect me from (‘Seva-Apraadh) My shortcomings in service (to the Celestial Beings).May the Tortoise Avtaar of the Lord protect me from all kinds of health problems.

  8. May the Lord Dhanvantari protect me from unhealthy food items.May RishabhDev protect me from ‘dualities’ (ie. Joy, sorrow, pleasure, pain, Like, Dislike etc).May Yagna Bhagwan (The Lord Of Yagna or Sacrifices) protect me from social stigmas.May Lord Sheshya (Snake) protect me from all kinds of snakes of anger.

  9. May Ved- Vyaasji protect me from ignorance.May Lord Buddha protect me from hypocrisy and laziness.May Lord Kalki protect me from all the evil prevalent in Kaliyuga.     

  10. May Lord Keshav protect me in the morning with His ‘Gada’ (weapon).May Lord Govind protect me with His flute after dawn..Before noon may Lord Narayana protect me with His strength.

  11. At noon, may Lord Vishnu protect me with His Sudarshan Chakra (weapon).During the afternoon, may Lord Madhusudan protect me with His Mighty ‘Dhanush’ (weapon, Bow).May Tri-Murti-Dhaari protect me during the evening.After sunset may Lord Rishikesh protect me.At midnight I seek protection from Bhagwan Padmanaabha.

  12. After midnight may Shree Hari protect me.At Dawn may Bhagwan Janaardan, who holds the sword protect me.Before Sunrise may Shree Damodara protect me.And may Bhagwan Vishweshwara also protect me.

  13. O Sudarshan (weapon of the Lord) You appear like a wheel of a chariot.Your edges are sharp like a devastating fire.By instructions from Your Lord, you move on all sides.Just like fire, with the help of the wind, burns dry grass, Similarly you destroy the army of my enemies (enmity).

  14. O Gada! (weapon) the sparks that emanate from you, are unbearable to the touch.You are the beloved of Lord Ajit (Invincible).Hence you destroy the evil spirits as well as my enemies (enmity).

  15. O Shankha! (Conch) May my enemies (and evil tendencies) get frightened, when they hear your sound as Lord Krishna blows upon you.Make their hearts tremble and cause the demons and evil spirits to flee.

  16. O Mighty Talvaar (Sword) of the Lord whose edge is so sharp.You destroy my enemies (enmity).O Great Dhaal of the Lord, which is adorned with countless moons,You forever close the eyes of my sinful enemies (evil, enmity)

  17. May all those (that) be destroyed, who (which is, an) are an obstacle to my well being.

  18. May all my enemies (enmity) be destroyed by the strength of my chanting and prayers.

  19. May the Lord’s name, form, vehicle and helpers protect our intellect, mind, breath and senses.

  20. God is in reality the ‘Action’ and the ‘Reason for all Creation’.By the Strength of the above Truth, may all my obstacles cease to exist.

  21. Those who have realised ‘Brahma’ or become Enlightened, have realised that the Lord is without form.

  22. Yet by the Power of the Lord’s ‘Maya’ it is true, that the Lord does assume an appearance, and owns (acquires) Jewels, Weapons, Attributes. 

  23. That is why, may the Omni- Present God Shree Hari always protect me with His Form.

  24. May the Lord NaraSimha ( The Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Half Lion, Half Man) , Whose Mighty Roar, makes flee the fear of everyone, and by whose effulgence, (enemy's) brightness is devoured, May He always protect me.