All Sins are classified into three major categories as per our ancient literature” SHIV PURAN”

I-------- “MANSIC”



Each of these three categories have four types of sins. Thus, there are in all 12 types of Sins. These are explained as follows:

“MANSIC PAP” ( i.e. Mental Sins)


  1. Thinking of getting somebody’s woman/ man ( i.e. on whom one is not having legal right)
  2. Thinking of getting somebody’s money/wealth ( i.e. on which one is not having right)
  3. Thinking of doing bad of somebody.
  4. Thinking of doing something which is not supposed to be done.


 “VACHIC PAP” ( i.e. Speech Sins)


  1. Speaking lies.
  2. Abusing / speaking which can hurt somebody for none of his fault.
  3. Back-biting.
  4. Speaking uselessly(which is not supposed to be spoken).


“KAYIK PAP” ( i.e. Activity Sins)


  1. Intercourse with other’s woman / man , using something which is not yours / eating non-eatable things.
  2. Getting other’s money/ wealth ( i.e. on which one is not having right)
  3. Doing bad to somebody/ beating living beings/ killing them.
  4. Doing something which is not useful to anybody/ supposed to be done/ waiting time.


So readers do a self-appraisal and try to reduce the number of sins being done by you daily to get as less punishment as possible by “Yama”, the death GOD”, for your this birth/ life at least.



“Reproduced and Translated by “                                      Date: 25.9.2007

Mrs.Abha Sharma,                                                            Place: New Delhi


Senior Research, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan,

      New Delhi. Web Site: www.vedangjyotish.com