Grah Shanti Upaya

By Dr. Pratul Sharma

Ph.D. IIT Delhi

Senior Consultant

Vedang Jyotish Team

New Delhi India 110091


Most people look out for an astrology help or some sacred support when they are in trouble. And most places they get confusing remarks from the so called astrologers or those contractors of heavenly divinity saying ‘your so and so planet is heavy’ or you have a pitra dosh in your horoscope and to please those planets or the pitras you must get a hawan or pooja done for so many days… and the pandit says I will do pooja for your Grah Shanti….

I always feel pity for those people and think about the ‘maya of God who makes them fool…I often remember the saying Jako Prabhu Darun Dukh Dehi, Taki Mati Pahale Har Lehi…meaning when God wants to give severe trouble and problems to someone, He takes out the intelligence first.

People tend to live in their mental castles and keep on denying the root cause of their problems; they are unable to accept the fact that the root cause of their problems is they themselves. How can someone else be the root cause of one’s own problems? You call it past life Karmas or this life Karma’s, what you are getting from life today is the outcome of your own Karmas, your own thoughts. In most cases the problems can be related to be the results of past karma’s of present life, and where we can’t relate those to the present life’s karmas, astrology provides us the theory of past life karma’s to justify what you are getting today.

I am unable to understand how someone can get rid of his / her own karma by getting a pooja or havan done by pandits, real support from heavenly powers come only when you do purusharth or your own efforts. You can not satisfy your hunger by someone else eating food on your behalf, similarly no pandit can do a pooja or havan for you which will do good for you. 

Therefore we at ‘Vedang Jyotish’ don’t believe in any Grah Shanti Upaya or any havan or pooja which is done by those so called astrologers or pandits. I request all the innocent people to understand the fact that no one can help you other than you, yourself.    

An astrologer can only provide you a guidance of what is being depicted from your horoscope, what kind of dasha you may get in near or later future, this guidance should be more than enough for a common human being, the self efforts should be diverted to smoothen your life efforts once you know where your destiny can take you based on the promises present in your horoscope.

There are only two ways of correcting your past lives or present life’s karmas. They are ‘Karma’ which you can do with your Free Will in your coming days or Bhakti’, there can not be a third way out to change your destiny.

So take charge of your destiny and put your best efforts to take yourself to wherever you want to take. Good Luck…may God help you