Shri Dinesh Nanda

Shri Dinesh Nanda completed his  B.Tech,  in Textile Technology in 1974, 

from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

one of the best technology institutes of India as well as world.  

After that, he worked for twelve years at various positions in Textile Industry.

In 1986, he left  the job in Textile Industry due to health problems and started his readymade garments business.

He joined Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan  in 2001 in the Jyotish Alankar 

and completed  Jyotish Acharya in 2003 with flying colours.

After completing Jyotish Acharya , he has been doing research since July’2003

under the guidance of world famous astrologer Shri K. N. Rao on various subjects

such as Dasha of  fourth Lord , Adoption of children ,Divorce and Dual marriage,

Crisis in Career, Dasha of Third Lord etc.

He has also been contributing articles to “Journal of Astrology” from time to time

His other area of specialization is Prashna. By this technique,

we can analyze any problem even if birth details like Time of Birth is not available.

We are proud to have Shri Nanda in the team of our distinguished Astrologers.