Lt Col R. P. Dhankar (Retd)


A well-known astrologer with clients worldwide, Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish   Acharya, 

Lt Col Rajinder Prasad Dhankher (Retd.)  is the synthesis of modern education & Vedic Indian

values. Fascinated with the mystery of Indian (Vedic) Astrology, Colonel Dhankher took up premature

retirement from the Indian Army after 27 years of service to take up the quest to study Astrology.


This quest became a passion and he decided to devote his life to help his fellow beings in making their lives

happier and more meaningful. This unique combination of Human  Resource Management (PGDM) and  

Army background makes  his  analysis  deep rooted, psychological and  practical  as he   himself  lives  and   

experiences  the  questions which people ask him about their lives. This journey began with the study of various

facets of Astrology. A degree of Jyotish Acharya from the renowned Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan where his intrinsic

brilliance was commended was followed by an extensive specialised research for nearly a decade.

During this period he met many ‘Masters’ Sages and Holy men toured the length and the breadth of the

country and to gather more knowledge and expertise in astrology.


Well versed with all tenets of Indian Astrology, his success and accuracy in the field of Dasha based

predictions have been appreciated and commended by anyone who has sought his assistance. In the area

of PRASHNA KUNDLI (a technique that uses date, time and place of asking a question as the basic data and

is capable of answering nearly all the questions that any one may pose), his predictions have astounding

accuracy. Jyotish Acharya Dhankher devotes a substantial part of his time in research enabling him to

constantly improve upon the content and the accuracy of his prediction.


Presently   he is an expert consultant with/and on the penal of expert astrologers with the Times of India

group website He can be also be visited for consultations as well, on their astrological

site and His writings, observations and 

combine authenticity with simplicity of contemporary idiom are suited to the modern mind. His interest  

in these sciences has opened new dimensions in his understanding of the human psyche.


Based in Noida Lt Col (Retd.) Rajinder Dhankher is a full time professional practitioner with clients

spanning the globe. They come from as diverse places as USA, UK, Fiji Island, Sri Lanka, Africa, Canada,

Indonesia and Australia. His devotees come from all walks of life. He also writes for prominent websites a

nd for a magazine “Astromatics”, distributed worldwide encompassing various facets of Astrology ranging from

daily, monthly, Weekly forecasts, Finance & Career predictions, Love and Romance reports, general forecasts,

and Life Reading Reports (LFR) and individual queries and questions as and when required.


With a client satisfaction rate of more than 95% , his levels of accuracy regarding specific predictions has earned

him great accolades, but what matters most to him is the fact that he can help people. His clients become part

of his extended family. He believes in the holistic approach of Astrology, where it can become the tool for our soul

cleansing and character growth in order to achieve our goals.

The  Hindu  system  of  Astrology  is based  on the  promise that the natal position of planets is dependant 

on the past  karma  of  the human beings and   gives  complete   picture  of  the  life   of  the  person  concerned.

It  also believes that  the horoscope / natal chart of  the  person  tells us  whether  the malefic influences can  be  

warded  off  or reduced.  It believes in strengthening the  weak  planets  to  augment  their  full  effects

and  to  reduce  the  extent  of miseries.


"He is an able thinker and is not afraid to think the Unthinkable"

His total experience in this field is almost 20 years. Besides astrology he is a keen Golfer. Vedang Jyotish team

is proud of have Dhankar Sir in its team of able and knowledgeable astrologers.