Blog - MANTRA SADHNA - PART 2 - Power of sounds of a Mantra and how to be a Sadhak

April 13, 2022

Like Music, Mantra is also a form of Sound Energy. Music is elaborated and expanded version of sound, Mantra is Minute form of Sound energy. A Mantra more minute form, more powerful it would be. There are many “ Ekakshari Mantra ( One Word Mantra) which if practiced regularly as per process recommended, can do wonders which can be better than atomic energy.
When words are pronounced, there is a frequency vibration / wave generated in the air around. These vibrations travel to Universe by Ether available in atmosphere. While travelling, they started getting attached to similar vibrations available in the Universe and slowly with time become a strong energy force, which helps in achieving the results of the desired objective of that mantra.

With the perfect singing of “Deepak Raag” “Megha – Malhar raag” by the famous Singer Tansen of cabinet of Emperor Akbar in 17th century and also Baiju-Bawara, Baba Haridas, Emperor Vikramaditya as well as many other talented Indian classical Singers , the lamps used to get lighted and rains showers used to start in India. In one experiment done by Tanjavour University, the use of music has resulted in good production of Flora and Fauna as compared to no music played plants. Even animals also get influenced by the music played well by talented artists. They also showed many expressions of fear, astonishment, hypnotization when specific types pf music were played. Rats, dogs, owl, Dears, and Honey bee enjoy music as per Norway Scientist Dr. Hansan. Ultra-Sound of Medical Science is also based on Sound. In AC control, also sound is playing a remote controller role.

I quote from National Library of Medicine, Saint Petersburg, America, research on patients who presented for care at the MGH Benson-Henry Institute from 1/12/2006 to 7/1/2014 compared to controls.
“The effect of mind body training, specifically, the Relaxation Response Resiliency Program (3RP) on healthcare utilization was checked on many patients in Institute. It was found that mind body interventions such as 3RP have the potential to substantially reduce healthcare utilization at relatively low cost and thus can serve as key components in any population health and health care delivery system. From History, I quote, The paralysis of Rampur Nawab was cured by use of “Raag Jay Jaywantee” sung by Ustad Siraj Khan The insomenia (sleepness health issue) of Chakeree Naresh King Raj Singh was cured by famous singer Baiju Bawara by singing “Raag Puria”
One lady of London, namely Ms. Wats Hyuze , is famous for making Voice figures by playing an instrument and the vibrations created make different shapes of trees, sea creatures and rivers etc.on the dry colours kept on the canvas.
Miami University in Florida city has one Scientist called Dr. Richards who is using his love for music for catching fishes by making them listen sweet music.
In Paris,France, one lady used to use an instrument for making voice paintings on canvas. One Indian student went to her and sang a part of “Bhairavashtaka” along with that lady’s instrument playing. In last they both saw, painting of Bhairav made automatically with his dog by sound waves.

Another good example wondersd of Sound energy is England’s Stonehenge tourist place. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, two miles west of Amesbury. It consists of an outer ring of vertical sarsen standing stones, each around 13 feet high, seven feet wide, and weighing around 25 tons, topped by connecting horizontal lintel stones. If anyone plays music there, these big stones start trembling, hence, music playing is prohibited there now a days.

Hence, it is proved that by way of sound waves, any person or object can be influenced. Our ancient Mantra-learned Maharishies had earned the super powers of many Mantras and as they used to believe in “ Bahujan Hitaye- Bahujan Sukhay” they used these powers for spiritualism or and for the benefit of Society.

Now a days , by way of mobile, the words spoken in America or any distant country can be heard in India with same clarity by use of radio science for catching of waves created in atmosphere. It is also proved that sound spoken is never destroyed and it remains in atmosphere forever. One day will come, when we will be able to listen the Lord Krishna’s “Geeta-Updesh” in his voice only.

There is a big number of Sanskrit Mantras related Literature, but many Mantras are still need to be decoded. Mantras were created after seeing their Sadhna giving good results for many years. They are made in such difficult way of pronunciation, that many learned persons are unable to do those Mantra- Sadhna. It is clear, that Mantras were created not for a common man of desires, anger , greed , affection etc. but for such disciples who can be pious and free of such negative feelings and thoughts. The ancient Rishies were very particular in using the words which can make specific body parts active and vibrate specific nerves of the body, resulting in aura cleaning first and then balancing of seven chakras of body.


1. Any Mantra recitation is successful, only when it is correctly pronounced as wrong pronunciation can crate ripples which can destroy the impact of Mantra. The way we tune volume, sound , ariel / antenna and Speaker of radio and T.V. , we need to tune our body, mind and words for Mantra- Sadhna.
2. The sacred life-style, place of Jaap, things to be used in Pooja-Vidhi (Pooja Samagree), and no. of times the mantra to be chanted is specific for specific purposes.
3. Disciple Qualities--- Today, benefits of Mantra Sadhna are not received as people are very selfish, engrossed in luxuries and comforts, have immoral character, atheist, full of ego and with no full faith in Mantra-Power. They lack patience, intelligence, self – control. They have instable mind who cant do meditation by remembering GOD for five minutes by sitting at home. They are fond of ready-made food, clothes and many other things. They resist hard work and dedication. They are in hurry always and so stressed.
4. Importance of Guru--- Attunement by Guru (or Deeksha by Guru) is required for any Mantra-Siddhi. A Guru is called God-Like (Eshwer Tulya) in Spiritualism. Qualities of Guru prevents disciple from choosing wrong things on way of Mantra-Siddhi or Spiritualism, even in absence of Guru.
5. Qualities of a Guru-- He or she has to be simple, , cool – minded, polite , intelligent, wise, quick learner, loving charity, good in self control ,healthy, non- handicapped ( No extra part or less part) ,less food eater, God Loving, good character and nice habits person. Daily worshipper, living in one of the “Varnaashrama” as per Ashram recommended things as per Shastras. He should not have least desires and almost nil anger, greed, jealousy, non-hypocrate. He should not be involved in politics, away from any conspiracies. He should not use materialistic things ( no excessive use) like a common man. Those who are having “Nidra, Aahaar, Maithun” (Sleep, Food and Sex) just like animals do, are just like animals. A real human being is a person who uses his “Buddhi” (intelligence) for upgrading and making betterment in society by his life and soul, so as ultimately, he can get salvation after many births. Taking excessive food, especially junk food, sleeping more than average sleep required and getting involved in sex with many people, including abnormal sex, is a symbol of “Adhogati” ( down fall in soul quality and can give next birth like monkey, dog, insects or any other “Yoni” A human life is the life where you can earn Karm-Phal ( results of deeds). Animal life are the “Bhog-Yoni” where you cant earn good Karmas as you do in human Life. Then why to waste such a precious life by behaving like animals.

It is said in our Shastras, when you become eligible to get a Guru, you will be found by your Guru. So be good, a Guru is waiting for you to train you on the path of a better goal of life.

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