Blog - MANTRA SADHNA - PART 3 - Vedic Mantra Sadhana-- Aasan, Place of worship, Maala and Deeksha Muhurat

April 16, 2022

Muhurata for taking Mantra Deeksha:

A special part of 48 minutes of the day auspicious for specific objective is called a \ “Muhurata”.In the Brāhmaṇas, muhūrta denotes a division of time: 1/30 of a day, or a period of 48 minutes. The sense "moment" is also common in the Brāhmanạs. In the Rigveda we only find the sense "moment".

It is a common practice in Hinduism to perform or avoid activities like important religious ceremonies on the basis of the quality of a particular Muhūrta. One or more Muhūrtas are recommended by the Vedic scriptures when performing rituals and other ceremonies. Muhūrt" is used in present-day South Asia for calculating the most auspicious moment for a Vedic-Hindu Mantra Initiation, or for Children Mundan, Schooling commencement, Wedding ceremony,etc.

Astrologers are often hired to calculate a Muhurata / moment for the wedding or mantra initiation so that any possible divinely-sourced problems can be averted in the ever increasing complexity of modern life.
Another example is the so-called Brahma Muhūrta, which is about one and a half hours before sunrise. This particular time, which is associated with the constellations during the Vernal Equinox, is said to be auspicious for practicing Mantra , yoga, and other Spiritual practices.
For deciding a special Muhurata for a specific Purpose, our Rishies (ancient Scientists) have worked vigorously in their entire life on Muhurats / time periods and developed some principles for the same. Before chanting a Mantra given be a Guru in a specific muhurat, rules are mentioned as below:

1. Month---
Chaitra( specifically for Gopal Mantra),
Baishakh month is good for mantra chanting for wealth,
Taking Deeksha in Shrawan maas, gives long age,
Magha gives Intelligence, prosperity,
Aghhan and Phalgun Maas ( Mediocre month for Deeksha) – Wish fullfilling
Kartik Maas Deeksha is good for all
PROHIBITED MONTHS( As in these month, people are not mentally healthy—Mal Maas, Bhado, Poos, Ashana (Nimn Koti)
2. Fortnight- A month has two fortnight. Dark half or Krishna Paksha is good for Spiritual Saadhna and Brighter Half or Shukla Paksha is good for Mantra Deeksha for Materialistic Gains, wealth etc.
3. Tithi / date- 2, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12 tithi of both fortnights and 15th (Full Moon Night). It is important as every day, Moon travels in a new Nakshatra and its distance of 12 degrees from Sun makes a Tithi. Hence, specific tithi are choosen for mantra Deeksha and then its chanting regularly. Surya Grahan, Chandra Grahan are also good.Kartik Shukla Navmi,Shravan Krishna paksha PanchmiAshwin (Kwar)Trayodashi, Bhado Shsshti are also taken as auspicious.
4. Day- Sunday (Good for money gains) , Monday (peace giving) ,Wednesday( wealth increasing) ,Thursday(for knowledge enrichment) and Friday . Prohibited are Tuesday ( Loss of longevity) & Saturday (No peace),
5. Nakshatra- 14 out of 27 Nakshatras are considered good for mantra Deeksha Saturn’s Pushya Nakshatra is the best and then its Uttar Bhadrapad. Then second priority is given to Jupiter’s Vishakha Nakshatra, then Nakshatras of Sun Uttar Phalguni, and Uttar Ashada, then Moon’s –Rohini, Hasta and Shravan, Mars Dhanishta Nakshatra, Rahu’s three Nakshatra Ardra, Swati and Shatbhisha Mercury’s Jyeshta and ketu’s Ashwini
6. Lagna – it is the 2 hours period of a Rashi appearing in the eastern horizon out of 12 rashies given two hours each in 24 hours of a day. 1,4,7,8,10,11 i.e. Aries , Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius rashies as lagna are considered auspicious for Mantra Deeksha. Rest Lagnas are slow and opposing mantra Deeksha, hence prohibited. 7. Place –Gaushala, mountain top, mountain den, , Teerth (Pilgrim place)River bank, Guru-Home, Temple, Forest, below Tamarind tree, Bank of Ganga (which is not a Shamshan area) . Please note Kurukshetra, Prayag, Kashi are the beat Prohibited – Gaya, Surya kshetra (Konark , Orissa), Married Daughter’s home., Chandra Pahar (Africa), Matang Desh (North west-Afghanistan), Bhatt-Gram (Assam) SOME UNIVERSAL MUHURAT DAYS , NOT BOUND BY ANY RULES Chaitra Shukla Trayodashi , Vaishakh Shukla Ekadashi, Jyeshtha Krishna Chaudas, Ashadee NagPanchami Shrawani Ekadashi, Bhado Krishna Janamashtami Kwar Krishna Ashtami, Kartik Shukla naumi Aghhan Shukla Shashti, Paush Shukla Chaudas Magh Shukla Ekadashi, Phalgun Shukla Shashti Somwati Amavas, Ravi Saptami and Mangal Chaudas are also auspicious
8. Aasan- The Woolen cloth or Jute Aasan sitting on which , a Sadhak completes his Sadhna has significant importance due to its magnetic touch. Sitting on bare floor, leafs bed or “Trinaasan” , stone / rock used as aasan is prohibited as dust can give mental tensions during Sadhnaa. A bamboo aasan, chair or normal cotton cloth Aasan give poverty, diseases, chaos I life. There can be many types of “Aasans” found auspicious for Mantra - Sadhana Deer skin, lion skin, blanket and Kushasan are said to be peace giving. Colour of Aaasan if red, considered good for Powers, Siddhies. Black colour is not recommended.
9. Maala- Touching the mankas of a Tulsi, Rudraksha, gold , silver beads (for Saatvik or rajsik wishesor pearl beads ( for Vasheekaran mantra)Maala is considered auspicious for Manta Jaap, especially for “ShatKarmas”. There are Maalas of “Vaijantee, Kamalgatta ( for destroying enemies) , Moonga (coral for wealth), Putrajeeva, GhuGhunchee, etc. used for Mantra Jaap.
10. Commencement of Mantra Jaap- It has to be on different days for different purposes: For Wealth—Sunday, Vaishakh Maas For Health – Tuesday , Shravaan maas For getting rid of enemies—Tuesday, Jyestha maas For Children – Thursday, Kaartik, Aghhan and Kwar Maas For Education and success in competitions—Wednesday and Thursday in Magha, Phalgun and Chaitra Month For some different reasons also, which are used for crimes , there are Muhuratas as under: For Vasheekaran ( controlling some person )—Saturday, Saptami tithi, teej, Teras, Ashtami, Naumi For Uchchatan--- Wednesday, Dooj or Chat For Maaran Prayog--- Sunday, Ekadashi, Dwadashi Other Abheechaar Karma – Tuesday, Panchami, Poornima
11. Disha (Direction)- There are basically four and broadly ten directions. The Universe is affecting and impacting us due to atmospheric pressures. A good direction enhances our efficiency level , our thought patters and our body responses on getting stimulies from atmospheres during Mantra Sadhaana Facing East or North East direction --- for Knowledge, for auspicious objectives North for health, Wealth and mental peace. West direction facing Sadhaana is for money, fame, uxories
South Direction--- For all Abheechaar karmas, like “Visveshan, Uchchaatan, Keelan, Maaran, Sthambhan.
12. Hawan- Goolar or Mango wood is used Peepal leaves, Til, , dry Belpatra, Ghee, Geloy is used in Hawan for wealth gaining objectives. Salt, Chameli flowers and Belpatra are used for Abheechaar mantras. For Maaran, Dhatura seeds are used,
13. Confidentiality- All things about Mantra Sadhaana should be confidential like objective, pronounciation, Jaap, Hawan, impact, etc. for the fulfillment of the objective. The reason being that neighbours or jealous people can put hinderances in Mantra Sadhaana.
14. Life-Style- Just like a Yogy, Tapaswi, simple living, stable mind, cool. It should be done in a solitary place, away from hustle bustle of metro life. With control on senses and full faith and dedication, Mantra Jaap should be done as per procedures recommended.
15. Things Prohibited- Drinking Liquor, smoking , stitched clothes are not allowed for doing Mantra Saadhaana. Cleanliness has to be maintained. Sneezing, coffing throat ,crying, , abusive language during jaap days period not allwed. Also, taking food during regular jaap is not allowed

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