April 07, 2022

Civilization and mental Awareness of Human Beings has given rise to Spiritualism. Every topic since ages used to be tested on duties (Dharma) and Morals. The mixed version of these two came out as God which is taken as omnipresent. As the times passed , the whole thinking patterns, working styles and analytical approach of human race got spiritualism based. With thousands of years of analysis, experiments and dedicated approach for occult hidden powers of nature, India’s ancient Scientists (Rishis), saved the wonderful researches and shared only to such scholar and wise disciples who were having good intellectual level of grasping that super sciences. Such knowledge was given name “ Gupt Vidya” comprising of mainly “Mantra Shastra and Jyotish”

One part of Spiritualism is Mantra Shastra. With time, based on the type of Spiritual practices required for it. it got two more branches proliferated from it as “ Yantra Shastra” and “Tantra Shastra” Common Men started it taking it as Mantra Vidhya, Yantra Vidhya and Tantra Vidhya.

This was the Vedic Yuga , which was the last portion of “Satt-Yuga”. After passing of “Lord Rama’s “Treta-Yuga” and Lord Krishna’s “Dwaper yuga”, the Mahabharat War ending in commencement of “Kali-Yuga”. The Lion Gate of Machines and Information Technology opened the Iron –Fort of Kaliyuga where presently we are living. Now a days we have forgotten the super powers of hidden occult sciences of Vedic-Yuga. But we are feeling the harshness of human mechanization which, though generated for luxury and time saving but has made our life peace-less, unstable and dissatisfied due to human race running for money making in cut throat competitions in 21st century. We are again seeking a way to go back to our roots where we used to get spiritual growth by practicing Mantra Sadhna giving us overall growth.

The Scientists of our western countries have also acknowledged the metaphysical points hidden in our Granthas of Arya’s culture. By Spiritual meditation and Mantra Sadhna, our Saptarishies, namely Rishi Kashyap, Atri, Vashisht, Bhardwaj, Gautam Vishwamitra, Jamdagni and other Rishies like Parashar, Vyas, Angira, Pulah, Pulastya, Kratu, Marichi, etc. had gained such awesome powers which now a days may seem to be magical and imaginary to us.

In those times, the different areas of life were taken with respective Sadhna for different objectives. There used to be many parts of a Sadhna followed with many rules and disciplines. Most powerful and mandatory part was mantra which is elaborated in books on as Mantra Vidhya or Mantra Shastra. The impact of Mantra was so much that its continued since ages of Vedic yug to todays twenty first century, though the number of people doing mantra- Sadhna has reduces drastically. The areas where modern science gets silent, there Mantra – Shakti has proved to do awesome and miraculous results.

With the entry of King Sikandar in 326 B.C.E, the instability in Indian spiritualism started. Later Mughal rule and then British rule had also put many limitations on the use and promotion of Mantra Vidhya. In fact , the trust on Indian culture, Indian Education system – the “Guru-Shishya Parampara” and various occult sciences were almost fully destroyed by Christians Missionary Education System of English Education in India. After independence, the modern rationalist also denied the use of mantra Shastra in the name of science promotion without doing in depth study of the same. But some learned German-British Scholar like Max Muller, the writer of 19th century and William Jones of 18th century have given due credit to Indian occult sciences in their books.

In his 50 volume set of English Books “ The sacred books of the East” , MaxMuller has mentioned the religion of Bharatvarsh (Sanatan Dharm or Hinduism) is the direct descension of the Grace of God which is manifested in the form of the Divine Bhartiya (Hindu) scriptures. Using the eternal Sanskrit language, they reveal the total philosophy of each and every aspect of God and the creation of this universe, and, at the same time, they also reveal the process of God realization (bhakti).

Similarly, the following also appreciated Indian occult sciences in their travelogues:
1. Megasthenes, the Greek Historian of 350 BC-290 BC
2. Fa- Hien, the Chinese Baudh Bhikshu of 337-422 AD
3. HwenSang
4. Ebanbatuta
5. Vascodigama
6. Tomas Munro
7. Paul
8. Benton
9. Cheiro

What is Mantra?

Scope of Spiritualism is very wide. It touches the boundaries of all living and non-living beings. Many people have experienced the presence of some super power called God, in some or the other forms. The only medium to reach that invisible force is by way of spiritualism. One such branch of Spiritualism is Mantra Shastra. Mantra is strongly related to Sound Science. Some special group of sound waves created by pronouncing a set of words in a specific sequence is called a mantra. The continuous chanting of a Mantra for a specific no. of times creates a special type of frequency in connection to atmosphere, which gives a desired result.

The Mantra in Hindu Dharam Shastra is mentioned as below:

1. It is the Sukshma Shareera of a “Devata” (God)
2. It is the blessing of an “IshtaDevata”
3. It is the way of getting blessed with super normal powers
4. Focus of Mind is displayed as sound energy of Mantra
5. Generation of Soul Power resulting in occult powers

Rigveda is the big book (MahaKosha ) of mantras. All the other three Vedas, namely SaamVeda, Yajurveda and Atharveda are also comprising of many Mantras. Hence, Mantras were discovered well before or during the “Vedic- kaal” The use and proliferation of mantras continued till many centuries of kaliyuga. Historians have recorded that the Mantra Leraned Persons were more respected till the invasion by Mohammad Gauri. The Yawanas cruel destruction of Indian culture resulted in decreasing the impact of Indian Spiritualism. The few left over learned Mantra Saadhak shifted their abode from public life to solitary places of mountains or graveyards.

Mantras are basically used to purify the mind, heart and inner soul.

It gives stability. A stable mind always increase the human efficiency. There are description of use of many Mantras for gaining health, knowledge, materialistic prosperity, wealth and luxuries. For avoiding the negative events like earthquake, met riots, excessive rains, draught, fire, wild animal attack, enemies, dacoits, and pandemics, there is mention of use of Mantras in Indian as well as world‘s religious literature. This is the “Brahm-Vidya” which is still being practiced in India, Tibbet, China, Sumatra, Thyland and other south- east Asian countries.Hence, many curious citizens of USA, Germany, England are interested to visit India to learn Mantra vidya. Famous European Travellor and writer Dr.Paul Brunton has mentioned about many Yogees having super Mantra Powers in his book “ A Search in Secret India” . ELice Elizabeth has also mentioned stopping of rains by powers of Mantras. Famous Poet Late Shri Rahul Sankrityayan has also mentioned many such wonderful stories in his books.

Sound is the most powerful Power in the World. Some learned persons believe that sound “ Naad-Brahm” is the smallest representation of Universe. Many Scientist believe that Sound has many energies stored in it which need to be decoded only by use of special procedures and practices. One part of Sound is “Sangeet” or Music. Positive effects of soothing and pleasant music is already established in many areas of hospitals. Similarly continuous sound pollution has also resulted in giving ear disorders and other psychological disorders.

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