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April 06, 2022

Hindu Jyotish is a Super Science and can be used for predicting the fate of a country in next many years. By casting horoscope for a new year for a country on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (CSP). When Sun and Moon are in Meen rashi at equal degrees , new moon chart is casted for the entire year forecast, taking the capital of country as place of birth . Every year, the time and place of CSP chart will vary for country to country for difference in longitude and latitude. Hence, the fate of the country for next one year for different countries will be different for a particular year. The yog (combinations made by the 9 planets , 12 rashies and 12 houses will be different and so the results). In this way, for every year, horoscopes are cast.

Like for, Year 2021, and then for year 2022 horoscope is made for India with details as under:
YEAR 2021 –CSP2021---------12.4.2021, 8:00:37, Delhi
YEAR 2022—CSP2022---------1.4.2022, 12:00:00, Delhi

Some astrologers are casting horoscopes for time of the entry of Sun into Chara rashies ( cardinal signs) like Mesha, Cancer Tula and Makar. Similarly, horoscope should also be cast for the entry of the Sun into fixed and dual signs. But many astrologers in India give significant emphasis on the horoscopes of new Moon and Full Moon in a Month. Hence, for every fortnight in a month – Shukla Paksha horoscope and Krishna Paksha horoscope gives predictions about the next fifteen days. So, twenty four horoscopes in a year are casted to make more accurate predictions. This used to be the basis of accurate predictions of Sri Hardeo Sharma Trivedi in world famous “Vishwa Vijay Panchang” year after year for entire Hindu New Year.

1. FIRST HOUSE--- In a national horoscope, it shows general state of well being of the country. The year will be taken as auspicious, if a benefic planet aspects Lagna, however a malefic aspect of first house can indicate unhappy events or danger in next one year for the country.

2. SECOND HOUSE--- Finances of the country in next one year , income patterns, performance of stock exchange.

3. THIRD HOUSE--- All Communications, Press, Post office, telecom industry, neighboring countries. Any malefic aspect on third house, can indicate problems or issues aggravating in relation to external affairs.

4. FOURTH HOUSE--- Land and Agriculture, opposition party

5. FIFTH HOUSE--- All matters related to children, education, culture, art, creativity, students diplomatic services, dignity of nation

6. SIXTH HOUSE--- Service class citizen matters, laborers, strikes, diseases, health problems

7. SEVENTH HOUSE--- All foreign Policy matters, marriage and divorce related , War, etc.

8. EIGHTH HOUSE--- Any setback to Govt. or state, Death of national rulers, presidents, PMs, Kings or Dictators, trouble to people through famines, epidemics, mortality, death rate, Legacies, Capital gain, Pensions, hidden things, scientific investments, discoveries

9. NINTH HOUSE--- Judiciary matters, religion, religious activities.

10. TENTH HOUSE---Government, ruling party, Prime minister, elected President, national honour, trouble to the govt. in Power, King in monarchy, It’s the most important house in a national horoscope.

11. ELEVENTH HOUSE--- All new and additional revenues, Legislation, new acts and laws

12. TWELTH HOUSE--- Foreign investments, Hospitals, secret Plots, Jails

LAGNA Rashi for different COUNTRIES:

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